Following the invasion of Iraq by the allied forces in 2003, the Iraqi people suffered a significant setback in terms of their engagement in cultural and recreational activities. The Kurdistan region, with a population of over 4.6 million people, was particularly affected by this conflict.

Zhegr Entertainment’s primary objective is to sustain and further develop the Kurdish region’s ability to engage in cultural and entertainment activities. We aim to enrich the lives of the Kurdish people by preserving and enhancing the region’s:

  • rich musical history through education and increasing access to arts and entertainment facilities
  • active family life by creating a safe, nurturing environment for spending time together

We have chosen to create an attractive venue in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region, which is founded on nostalgia. The Erbil Performing Arts Center (EPAC) will enrich the lives of the Kurdish community by providing facilitates that increase access to arts, entertainment, education and special needs programs in a safe and nurturing environment where families can spend time together.

Scheduled to open in early 2020, EPAC is slated to become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Middle East.

Two more family-centered venues are also scheduled to open in early 2020.

Zhegr – Middle East

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